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What to Look for in a Counsellor?

I am often asked how do I pick a counsellor and what do I need to know? So hopefully I can answer some of the most commonly asked questions here.

Firstly you need to identify if this person qualified and is their qualification recognized?

Best advice is to ask when they qualified and where did they get their qualifications? How long are they practicing?

Another helpful question is what their approaches is, and are their specific areas they specialise in?

In Ireland, one of the bodies that govern this industry is the IACP. The IACP develops and “maintain professional standards of excellence in counselling and psychotherapy” Once a therapist is accredited you know they have been vetted, trained and are fully qualified to the IACP standards. Therapists who are pre accredited members are working on their hours for accreditation.

I believe it is important for your therapist to be a member of the I.A.C.P. or one of the other governing bodies and adhere to their code of ethics this ensures that your therapist has received recognised training and is experienced.

  • Click here to find an accredited member in your area

  • What I prioritize and offer in core therapy is to assist, support and journey with you, in a professional, confidential and safe environment.

    What is the fee?

    The price of therapy varies normally it is around 50 to 80 euro’s but again just ask.

    The next question to ask is “I am comfortable with this therapist?”

    It is essential that you find a therapist who you are comfortable with, and whom you feel you can develop a good working relationship with, I believe the relationship is key to the counselling process. Most of all trust your gut instincts. Most therapists are used to answering these questions and will have no problem answering them. You will have to also give it a bit of time, this is a new relationship for both.

    Finally if the relationship is working, you’ll know it. If your therapist is helping you’ll know that too. Don’t stay with a therapist who is just helping you tread water. Find one who will help you swim!